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Visiting Andalusia’s Balcón de Europa

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The Balcón de Europa (Balcony of Europe) is one of the most visited places in Andalusia, for its stunning beauty and incredible views over the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered as the best place in the world to see these panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

For this reason, we will tell you a little more about the history of this idyllic place so you can learn about it before your visit to Nerja.


History of the Balcón de Europa


The Balcón de Europa owes its name to King Alfonso XII. After a terrible earthquake struck the city in 1884, the King visited Nerja and looked at what was once a maritime surveillance point, he exclaimed: “this is the Balcony of Europe!” From that moment on, what was previously called “Paseo de la Bateria” (“Battery Walk”) was renamed the “Balcón de Europa” became known an attraction for tourists as well as a defensive structure.


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What can you find on the Balcón de Europa ?


  1. Statue of King Alfonso XII

In 2003 a statue of the king was erected as a memorial, the work of the famous sculptor Francisco Martín. Annually, thousands of tourists encounter it on their visit to the city.

  1. Monument of the discovery of the Nerja Caves

About halfway through the walk you can admire a sculpture from 2009 in commemoration of the discoverers of the Nerja Caves. The Nerja Caves are another of the great tourist attractions in our city and must be mentioned as one of the highlights of the city.

  1. Street artists and musicians

On your visit to the Balcón de Europa you can enjoy the vibrancy of life and art found in the heart of the city. Throughout the walk, you will encounter all kinds of artists (such as living statues, painters or musicians), spreading a lively magical atmosphere that enchants everyone who visits it.

  1. Canyons of the Nerja Castle

On the cliff that separates the famous beaches of Calahonda and the Hall once stood a castle called Castillo Bajo de Nerja. It  was built at the beginning of the 16th century, it has been remodeled several times and equipped with cannons to prevent attacks and defend the city. The Castle was finally destroyed by the English during the War of Independence, however, two cannons are preserved and can be seen at the Balcón de Europa.


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  1. Church of El Salvador

The Church of El Salvador is the main church of Nerja. It is located between the Paseo del Balcón de Europa and the Plaza Cavana, one of the oldest squares in the city. Inside you can see all kinds of murals, such as one dedicated to the Incarnation and another dedicated to the Bronze Christ. Another of the great attractions at this Church (at least for the inhabitants of Nerja) is a large tree, dating back more than 100 years, which they call Cerote.

  1. The incredible views

You cannot visit Nerja without admiring the panoramic and unrivalled views of the Mediterranean Sea. You will feel as you are almost floating and experience an incredible sense of calm and freedom. As we mentioned, it is one of the most visited places in Andalusia and this is no small feat.

Have you visited the Balcón de Europa? Tell us about your experience at this emblematic site in our city.

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