Taste the typical dishes in Nerja and discover the most famous restaurants

restaurantes en nerja

A place is known by its culture and its history, but its gastronomy is also very important. We all like to taste new dishes when we travel.

We could recommend you a lot of typical dishes of Nerja, but we have to select only a few, so we invite you to taste some of our favorites.

Dishes that you must taste in Nerja

Although these dishes are not only typical of Nerja, but they are consumed in almost the entire province of Málaga and even in many other regions of Andalusia, if you visit Nerja and some of its most famous restaurants, you should taste these dishes because they are really delicious. Write down the dishes we recommend below and don’t forget to taste them on your next visit to Nerja.

1. Ajoblanco

It is a cold soup with bread, ground almonds and other ingredients such as oil or garlic, and people usually eat this cold soup with grapes or melon. It is a typical dish from several regions of Andalusia but you can’t miss it if you visit Nerja.


2. Emblanco

It is a hot fish soup, generally hake, but you can also find it with monkfish, grouper or whiting, and it is usually accompanied by potatoes and vegetables. You must taste it if you visit Nerja in winter.

emblanco nerja

3. Espetos

Espeto is a typical dish in Costa del Sol, which consists of skewering fish, generally sardines, on long thin rods and then roasting them with firewood on the beach. It is, without a doubt, one of the most typical dishes of the province and you can’t miss it.

espetos nerja

4. Sweet potatoes with cane honey

Sweet potatoes are accompanied by cane honey made in the only factory that extracts the juice from the sugar cane in the nearby town of Frigiliana. Other ingredients can also be added to this recipe, such as anise, cinnamon or clove.

sweet potatoes with honey nerja

5. Cabrito a la nerjeña

Cabrito a la nerjeña is unique in Nerja as its name suggests. This is kid meat is accompanied by almonds, bread, garlic, paprika and hot pepper. It is clearly one of the most special dishes you can taste in Nerja.

goat meat nerja

Where you can eat in Nerja

If you don’t know where to eat in Nerja, we recommend you some of the best rated restaurants in Nerja. They are in the centre of town, so you will have no trouble getting there.

1. Restaurante Sollun

In this restaurant you can taste the most typical cuisine of the region in a creative way and with quality ingredients. It is located right in the centre of Nerja and is one of the best restaurants in the area.

2. Restaurante Oliva

It is located inside a typical Andalusian courtyard and it is just a few meters from the famous the Balcón de Europa. In this restaurant you can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine but with influences from other cuisines of the world.

3. Mesón andaluz Vicente

It is a typical Andalusian inn that is not located in such a central place as the two previous ones but it is very worthwhile. In this inn you can enjoy the cuisine of Nerja and other dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

These are just some of our recommendations, but remember that they are not the only options and there are many more dishes and restaurants to discover in Nerja. You simply can’t miss it!

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