Acapulco Playa: Your chance to rent an apartment next to the beach in Nerja

acapulco playa rent apartment

If you plan to come to Nerja on vacation, you will surely be looking for some accommodation with sea views. Enjoying the good weather, the beach, and the swimming pool is usually the most essential plan for any vacationer.

If you are also traveling with your family and you have young children, the Acapulco Playa Building is undoubtedly one of the best options for you.

rent apartment acapulco playa

Firstly, renting an apartment in Nerja will give you certain freedom that a hotel cannot provide, such as being able to have lunch or dinner at any time you want, prepare your own food and even sleep late without having to wake up for breakfast.

Secondly, the Acapulco Playa Building has a series of features that make it one of the most famous buildings in Nerja and also one of the most in-demand accommodation for holiday rentals.

Acapulco Playa Building: Your dream vacation in Nerja

If you are still thinking about where to book your holiday apartment in Nerja, here we will tell you the advantages of booking your stay at Acapulco Playa:

  1. Incredible views of the sea: The building is on the beachfront and overlooks the Mediterranean, so most of the apartments have fantastic views.
  2. Pool: Acapulco Playa has a large pool and green areas, which are also situated next to the sea. For the hotter months, it is the ideal accommodation for any type of tourist but, as we have mentioned, especially for families since it will make your daily routine both comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. Only 50m from the city centre. The Acapulco Playa Building is just 50 meters from the famous Balcón de Europa, one of the hubs of Nerja. You can reach the city centre by taking a pleasant walk, allowing you to forget about the car and move easily on foot between the beach and the centre.

At CASASOL we have several apartments available for rent in the Acapulco Playa Building. If you want more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the perfect apartment for your vacation!

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