Things to do in autumn in Nerja

autumn in nerja

Autumn is a romantic and pleasant time of the year. The heat is slowly dissipating to reveal a melancholy yet beautiful landscape, the start of a perfect time of year to do all kinds of outdoor activities.

In Nerja, autumn is warm, with an average temperature of 21 degrees. Thanks to our wonderful weather, in autumn we enjoy the autumnal landscape, but with the privilege of warm temperatures.

If you are thinking of visiting Nerja in the autumn, keep reading, here we will tell you of some unmissable autumn activities in our city.

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Things to do in autumn in Nerja

  1. Visit the beach. The beach doesn’t only have to be enjoyed in summer. In fact, it is fantastic to see how the coastal landscape changes from crowded beaches to quiet, tranquil coasts. The colours, the nature, the sea … everything can be seen (and enjoyed) in another way if you visit any of our beaches in autumn. Being able to stroll on our beaches is one of the great advantages of Nerja, since in autumn you can still walk comfortably without needing a coat.
  2. Getaway to Frigiliana. Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful villages in our country, and without a doubt, it is a must-visit if you come to spend your holidays in Nerja. Discover a cosy town with steep streets lined with white buildings, where you can enjoy excellent cuisine and stunning views over the sea. We recommend booking a day in Frigiliana to enjoy its charm in autumn, which will be sure to surprise you.
  3. Boat trip to the cliffs of Maro. If you want a romantic and unforgettable experience, you can enjoy a beautiful boat ride to our cliffs. The trip usually takes around three hours, and there are several companies that offer this service.
  4. Visit the Nerja Caves. This is another of the must-see sights to see in our city, regardless of the time of the year in which you visit. The Nerja Caves will leave you amazed by its spectacular formations, as well as its vastness. Currently, there are still some events held inside the cave, which make for an unforgettable experience. In addition, it is a perfect place to visit as a family.
  5. A day in Malaga. Nerja is only 57 kilometres from the capital of the province. Malaga is a city full of life and cultural activities, so no matter what day you decide to visit, you will always find events and activities that will be interesting to you. In fact, we recommend that you visit the local online agendas so you know what activities you would like to do in Malaga.
  6. The historic centre of Nerja. Nerja, despite being a small city, offers many possibilities for leisure and relaxation. You will find restaurants, bars and beach bars, so every day you can try something different. In addition, from the historic centre you can access the Balcony of Europe, another of the essential sights in autumn since the colour of the sea is more greenish than during the summer.

If you visit Nerja in autumn, please comment on what activities you did in our city. We would love to hear your opinion!

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