5 Things to do and see in Nerja

Centro cultural “Villa de Nerja”

It is worth considering Nerja’s cultural dimension during your visit to the region, along with the heavenly beaches you can enjoy at any time of the year – plunging and water activities in summer, taking long walks, and enjoying meals at the stands thanks to the excellent weather in this area.

“Villa de Nerja” cultural center is an auditorium with 355 seats that provides a varied cultural program – like concerts, exhibitions, workshops, theatre plays, etc.- to the citizens of Nerja as well as to their visitors.

This center, which has already produced its cultural schedule for the first three months of 2022, offers a complete program in which you will find entertainment for the entire family: musical shows for children, flamenco shows, jazz concerts, and even the opening speech for the Easter holidays or the submission of the Easter Week Poster.

Nerja has an old quarter with a series of locations worth visiting, such as Catholic churches built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Iglesia de El Salvador Nerja

El Salvador Church, being the main church in the area, is located between Cavana Square and the Paseo del Balcon de Europa, quite close to the way down to the beach of Salon. One cannot overemphasize the importance of the mural inside dedicated to the Incarnation, by Francisco Hernández and the Bronze Christ, work of Aurelio Teno.

Iglesia de San Miguel Nerja

Another church that we find in Nerja is the Church of San Miguel, located in the north of the old town, being a beautiful temple of Mudejar baroque style. And we cannot ignore the chapels with their peculiar charm: such as the Ermita de las Maravillas and the Ermita de las Angustias.

Another historical monument that set an original architectural landmark is the Aqueduct.

El Acueducto del Águila

The Acueducto del Aguila, as it is commonly known, was built in the 19th century to transport water to the mills of the old San Joaquin de Maro Sugar Factory. It has four levels of overlaying arches that bridge the steep gradients of the Barranco de la Coladilla.

Tourists and visitors in the area enjoy walking around, taking photos with the Aqueduct in the background. You can park in the designated parking spaces along the highway during your visit or walking tour to the Aqueduct.

Francisco Cantanero, a local site manager, built the Aqueduct, also known as Puente del Aguila, consisting of four levels of brick arches with thirty-eight overlapping arches.

Jardín botánico Detunda de Nerja

The landscape that Nerja offers leads us to the Detunda Botanical Garden in the caves of Nerja.

The Botanical Garden is in the Sierra de la Almijara, in the heart of the Axarquia region of Malaga. The gardens of the Nerja Cave include different spaces to walk around.

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