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How to register your tourist accommodation in Andalusia

Cómo registrar tu vivienda turística en Andalucía

If you want to advertise the rental of flats in Nerja, you should know that it is necessary to register it beforehand in the Andalusian Tourism Register. If the aim is to make a financial profit from a holiday home, a registration number for the holiday home is a prerequisite.

This way, you can promote it through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or holiday rental platforms such as Airbnb. Those properties that do not include the registration number may not be advertised on any platform or promoted.

So that you don’t get any fines from the public administration, here are the legal administrative steps you must take before advertising your property for rent to tourists.

Make the Responsible Declaration.

If you are the dwelling owner rented to tourists, you must present a Declaración Responsable de la Vivienda Turística (Responsible Declaration of the Tourist Dwelling). You can do this online through the virtual office of the Andalusian Administration. All you need is a certificate or digital signature and an internet connection.

You can access the Andalusian Tourism Register forms from the Regional Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration website. There is also a complete guide available to find out what information you should include in the Responsible Declaration according to your situation. It differs whether the property owner is the person who will exploit the property or if there is a legal representative.

Please click on the blue box to access the responsible declaration form you must fill out to rent a tourist accommodation, and next to it is the guide to fill it out correctly.

Formulario de inscripción vivienda turística Andalucía

When you have completed the document, you must download it to your computer. It is advisable to print two copies so that the territorial registry can stamp them and remain an accreditation of the Declaración Responsable de la Vivienda con fines turísticos.

Once the administration has assessed the application, they will register the property in the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism database. You will receive a code with the acronym VTF (Vivienda con fines turísticos), followed by two letters writing down the province’s principle where the dwelling has been registered (SE, CA, HU, ETC) five numbers. You must use this code in each advertisement of the tourist accommodation: VFT/SE/00000.

Visitor Entry Register

According to order INT/1922/2003, every time a tourist dwelling is rented or supplies accommodation on a professional or regular basis, the owner must fill in, and the tenant to sign an entry form for visitors. This is mandatory, as every time tenants over the age of 16 stays in the property, notify the Police or Guardia Civil through the Travellers’ Register Book.

Register of Incoming Visitors to Tourist Accommodation

Registro de Entrada de Viajeros vivienda turística

Once the form is completed and signed, the owner must notify the Police or Guardia Civil within 24 hours. It is necessary to keep the visitors’ registration books for the most considerable period of three years. It can be done digitally, provided that the format is compatible with the law enforcement agencies’ electronic media.

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