Holiday Rental Management Nerja

How to manage a holiday rental flat in Nerja

Cómo gestionar un apartamento turístico o vacacional en Nerja

Blessed with its subtropical climate and 320 days of sunshine a year, Nerja is an ideal place for tourists and property owners to rent a flat in the municipality of Nerja. There are many activities and tourist attractions in this paradisiacal place, so having a holiday rental flat in Nerja is a gift if you know how to manage it properly.

This requires a lot of planning, diligence, and a significant investment of your time. Here are some tips to keep in mind to offer your customers an incredible experience and make your tourist flat the success you want.

Tips for managing tourist flats successfully

  • Make use of a website or app. Users will find your holiday flat through your website or an app. Users will find your website or use an app specialised in travel rentals. Including information about location, price, available activities, offers, and services in your profile is key to attracting customers who want to visit Nerja. Avoid giving a bad image by keeping your information and photos updated.
  • Have a proper payment system. Whenyour clients leave, you need to invoice all the services; a fast, agile and secure way to make the payment is by credit card, making it easier for the guests to pay the deposit and the rest of the booking.
  • Analyse the reviews and respond to them. All the comments received by your tourist accommodation are a source of information to know what your customers like and where you should improve. Therefore, you should always be willing to learn and respond politely to customer feedback, whether positive or negative.
  • Offer complementary activities. Guests often look for accommodation that offers experiences that make their stay as easy as possible. To meet these expectations, you can leave some flyers or sketches with information and if you can, inform them about similar activities: a free tour of Nerja, kayak or paddle surf route along the cliffs of Nerja and Maro, visit the Balcón de Europa, eat in the most famous local restaurants, night parties in the Tutti-frutti square in the centre of Nerja, etc. The list of activities will be of immense help to your visitors.
  • Organise check-in and check-out protocols. Everything must be perfect for satisfying your guests; repeat and recommend your accommodation to others who visit Nerja. For this to happen, you must set up protocols to welcome your guests, say goodbye, and supply the information of all the services you offer. The ideal is always to do it the same way to avoid doubts about what to do when something unexpected happens.
  • Be constant on social networks. Keep in mind that many of your potential customers are young people who extensively use social networks. You can use the different social networks to create a community of followers, inform about the stay, organise raffles, create classified ads, or share information of interest about accommodation, attractions in the municipality of Malaga or about Nerja and its history.
  • Pay attention to the minute details. A detail can change your client’s feeling of your accommodation positively. The accommodation must present a good image and be clean. As an extra attraction, you can give guests gifts such as chocolates or a bottle of wine or provide them with a breakfast in the centre of Nerja included in the price of the holiday flat.
  • Motivate your staff. If you have employees who help you organise the management of your holiday flat, motivating them is crucial for them to perform their duties properly and give good customer service.
  • Have a database of customers to keep in touch with the clients who have contracted your tourist accommodation, so that you can make them offers and tell them all the news about Nerja or your flat, and it is advisable to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In short, if you have a tourist flat in Nerja and want to manage your holiday accommodation correctly, you must follow the above tips and do it professionally. In this way, you can avoid any problems with customers, which will not affect the profitability of the accommodation or your image in the market.

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