Nerja Holiday Rentals: What can you find in our city?

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When planning your holiday and visit to a city that you’ve never been to, it is normal for you to look for different types of accommodation and weigh their characteristics and prices, in order to find the one that best suits your needs. Holiday rentals in Nerja are becoming increasingly wide and varied due to a large influx of tourism to our city (both in winter and in the summer) and the scarcity of hotels in Nerja.

If you are planning to come on holiday to our wonderful city, this article about holiday rentals in Nerja will be of interest to you.

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What kinds of holiday rentals will you find in Nerja?

These are the main kinds of accommodation options for your stay in our city.


As we mentioned before, there is a scarcity of hotels in our city. In fact, our city covers a small area and within this, it is practically impossible to construct new hotels. For this reason, the selection of other types of holiday rentals is much wider, making Nerja an ideal city for families looking for other types of accommodation outside of large chain hotels.

Holiday Apartments

In recent years, the increase in tourism and the low supply of beds in terms of hotels, has led to more and more apartments being allocated to holiday rentals in our city. Furthermore, many foreign families who once purchased properties in Nerja have now decided to rent them out during periods when they are not staying there.

You can choose from hundreds of apartments, each with very different characteristics. Not only in the size or number of rooms, but you can also opt for one apartment or another depending on its location, whether it has sea views, or whether the urbanization has a private pool.

Many families choose holiday apartments because they offer features and amenities that cannot be found in hotels. Having a private kitchen is, for families with young children, a great advantage that not only saves money but can ensure a proper diet for the youngest members of the family during the holidays.

The duration of the holidays also plays a big role in the choice of accommodation, since in the case of extended holidays, you not only have to consider your budget but also the comforts that a home can offer.

Holiday Villas

You may want to have all the comforts of an apartment, but if you’re travelling in a big group, there is the option of renting holiday villas in Nerja. The villas are spacious houses capable of accommodating groups of between  7 and 20 people (approximately).

This type of accommodation usually has green areas and private pools, making a villa an ideal space for gatherings with friends and unforgettable group holidays.

Additionally, Nerja has an enviable climate, being able to enjoy all the outdoor spaces of this type of accommodation throughout the year makes villas one of the most popular options for tourists.

If you are thinking of visiting Nerja soon, we will be happy to advise you on your holiday rental options. We have more than 80 rental properties and we will help you find the one that best suits your budget and needs. We have qualified staff that will help you in your choice so that you can book easily it with full guarantees.

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