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Rent a house in Frigiliana: The town as a holiday destination

holiday rental frigiliana

Frigiliana was, until recent years, a relatively unknown town.  But its white houses, streets full of flowers and incredible location so close to the sea has made Frigiliana one of Spain’s most important tourist towns. For this reason many people choose to rent a house in Frigiliana during the holidays.

Here, we will tell you more about the town and the types of tourist rentals you can find in Frigiliana.

holiday rental frigiliana

Frigiliana: A unique town

Frigiliana is a municipality, situated in Malaga Province, in the Axarquía region. Winner of various awards, such as the National Embellishment Award, it has a privileged position of being located just 300 metres above sea level and only 9 kilometres from the beach.

The historic centre of Frigiliana, is undoubtedly one of the best preserved centres in Spain. In fact, it was declared a Historic and Artistic Site and currently receives thousands and thousands of tourists annually.

It is distinguished by its houses, painted white and with colourful doors and windows, as well as its steep and cobbled streets that will transport you to a more remote era. The historic centre is made up of parapets and the historical buildings and streets are preserved to make Frigiliana the perfect town to lose yourself in.

One of the most important historical buildings of Frigiliana located at the start of the historic centreg is the sugar cane factory, El Ingenio (16th century), being the only factory of its kind currently active throughout Europe. The peculiarity of this factory, besides being a building with the greatest historical value in the town, is that it still uses the same machinery that was used in 1909 for the manufacture of honey. In fact, honey was the star product of the town at that time, and today it is more a tourist attraction unique to the city rather than an important economical activity in itself.

How to rent a house in Frigiliana?

Renting a house in Frigiliana is becoming a considered option for tourists. There are currently several holiday homes that offer all the comforts of home but at a cheaper price than a hotel.

Renting a house in Frigiliana is a great idea if you plan to visit Malaga during your next holiday but you are looking for a quiet town where you can  disconnect. Its small size, dreamy streets and gastronomical offering make the town one of the most attractive to tourists in Andalusia.

rent in frigiliana

In addition, even from the mountains, you can easily access the sea, with the beaches of Nerja being only 5 minutes by car from the town.

Furthermore, the city of Malaga is only 50 kilometres away, so you can plan your visit to the capital on any day of your vacation and return easily after dinner.

At Casasol, we have several homes for rent in Frigiliana, offering our customers maximum comfort and quality in their holiday accommodation. You can find various apartments and houses of different sizes depending on the number of people, as well as different amenities: swimming pool, sea views, mountain views, common gardens …

So, if you are thinking of visiting Frigiliana for your coming holidays, do not hesitate to write to us and tell us of your requirements. We will advise you of the best choices tailored to your expectations and you will have the happiest and most comfortable holidays in Frigiliana.

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