8 essential plans you should do in Nerja

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If you are visiting Nerja, you should do these plans that we have prepared for you and you can enjoy any time of the year.

Nerja is very close to the city of Málaga, about 60 kilometres away, so in just 45 minutes by car you will be in Nerja.

If you don’t have a car, the direct bus will take about 50 minutes and the bus that stops in other villages, will take about an hour and a half, so we recommend the first one.

Places to visit in Nerja

And now we recommend you some places that you must visit if you are coming to Nerja.

1. Historic quarter of Nerja

If you visit Nerja, it’s essential to walk through the streets in the historic quarter, that dates back 1487. Nerja has a lot of streets with white houses and at Pintada Street there are so many shops, so buy a souvenir and remember your travel.

2. Balcón de Europa and Mirador del Bendito

The Balcón de Europa is in the centre of the village. From there, you can see the sea and some important beaches like Calahonda Beach and La Caletilla Beach. If the sky is clear, you won’t have any problem to see the African coast.

To come to El Mirador del Bendito, you will have to walk through one of the oldest streets of Nerja, Carabeo Street. And if you have time, take the opportunity to swim in some of the most famous beaches of the village.

3. Church of El Salvador, Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias y Hermitage of San Miguel

If you like the sacred art, you have to visit the Church of El Salvador, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and the Hermitage of San Miguel. All of them date back 17th century and they are the most famous religious buildings in the village.

4. Caves of Nerja

Caves of Nerja are in Maro, a district of Nerja, and they were discovered by chance in 1959. It has large and numerous stalactites and stalagmites and they are one of the most visited places in the province of Málaga and one of the most famous tourist attractions of Nerja.

5. Museum of Nerja

If you are interested at history, you will like visiting this museum, where you will discover the history of Nerja from Prehistory until today. Furthermore, you will know some archaeological pieces that were founded in the Caves of Nerja.

6.Verano Azul Park

Verano Azul Park was inaugurated in 2001 and has a replica of La Dorada, Chanquete’s boat from the Spanish TV series Verano Azul.

Each street of the park has the name of one of the characters series and their respective plaques.

7.Chíllar River


If you are a passionate about hiking, you should hike the Chíllar River route, also known as Los Cahorros route.

Be prepared to walk because the route has 16 kilometres and you will have to walk into the river. So you will have to save one day to hike the route because it usually takes about 5 or 6 hours.

8.Tutti Frutti Square

If you like the nightlife, you have to visit Tutti Frutti Square, where there are a lot of pubs and nightclubs to have a good time and have a drink.


Finally, remember that if you want to know the city in depth, you can rent an apartment with us!

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