The best beaches in Nerja

las mejores playas de Nerja

If indeed there is one area in the province of Malaga you cannot miss when visiting its beaches, it is Nerja. The best beaches in Nerja are easy to find. Others are more remote but easily accessible. We will introduce you to the best beaches in Nerja according to us, although we think you may also be interested in this other article in which we talk about the best-rated beaches in Nerja by users.

These are beaches with calm, clear waters that resemble a swimming pool. There are some sandy ones, but mostly they have fine, small stones typical of the area, which, although they can sometimes be a bit annoying, have their charm with the rest of the landscape, making them a characteristic symbol of the beaches. It is common to see small children collecting stones on the shore and along the coast with buckets.

To name but a few of the best beaches in Nerja, Burriana beach is one of the best known and most visited beaches in Nerja and is a beach that stands out for its fine sand surrounded by a hilly landscape. It is easily accessible both on foot and by car. A variety of services and establishments, both restaurants and necessities, make it a comfortable beach to go to with the family.

Playa de Burriana en Nerja

We highlight the typical beach bar on this beach, the Ayo, famous for appearing for some years in the legendary Spanish television series, Chanquete.

Calahonda beach, also located in the centre of Nerja, competes for popularity with this beach, also 120 metres long.

The sand on this beach is medium-grained and dark golden; it does not have a strong swell but a moderate one.

Playa del Papagayo en Nerja

It is one of the most photographed beaches on the Nerja Coast. It is easy to get there, but you must park your car in a public parking lot and walk about 5 minutes to reach the beach.

To reach the beach of Calahonda in Nerja, you enter through the “Boquete de Calahonda”, which is a small archway on the Balcón de Europa, just behind the water fountain.

El Playazo, situated in the western part of Nerja, is the longest beach with about 1.7 kilometres of extension.

It is located just outside Nerja, which means that the crowds of people, particularly in summer – high season – are more controlled, and the atmosphere is calmer and more relaxed. Being so large also means that you have enough space to be independent.

With hills at the back, it has a unique charm. It is one of the most popular beaches, and most tourism tends to be national.

It also has parking services, beach bars.

Torrecilla beach, the second largest beach in Nerja, is also top-rated and is constantly awarded the prestigious blue flag and the Q for quality.

This beach is about three hundred metres long and has a width of about forty metres. The sand is dark, and it is one of the busiest beaches in the summer months.

As its name suggests, the beach of Maro is in a natural spot in the Maro Cliffs. A beach with a wild landscape, where everyone who visits Nerja must go, is one of Spain’s most valued beaches.

Playa de maro y sus acantilados

It has wild and peculiar vegetation, made up of grains of coarse sand, which make the landscape extremely attractive, contrasting with its clear and clean waters, where you can enjoy all kinds of marine and aquatic activities, such as kayaking or snorkelling.

There is a kayak route that goes from Burriana to this beach. All along the way, you can enjoy the various waterfalls that make up the route, as well as the limestone caves.

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