The 10 best tapas bars in Nerja

Nerja is a balcony to the Mediterranean. A strategic enclave for the tourism sector in the Costa del Sol. A town where marine tradition is breathed, which will transport you to the deepest Andalusia. If you visit this town in Malaga, you will feel like a child again. You will remember those moments of your childhood in which you got excited enjoying the experiences of the protagonists of «Blue Summer».

That mythical television series that you grew up with was shot in this beautiful town where its caves are also famous, and which also offers visitors a rich and diverse local cuisine.

Where to have some tapas in Nerja?

In this town it is tradition to eat tapas. Have a cold beer in one of the 10 bars and restaurants that we are going to suggest and enjoy any of its typical dishes.

La Rienda: Offers its visitors a wide variety of tapas and rations in a cozy family atmosphere. Located at 18 Chaparil Street, it is ideal to enjoy a good fish such as the rejo or the dogfish, which are among its specialties.
La Puntilla: If you want to have fresh fish, it is without a doubt the best place to go to eat. This typical brewery and seafood restaurant in the area is located at number one on Bolivia Street.
Pepe Moles: In the same area Chaparil, also near the Tutti Frutti square. We recommend that you order a house wine and a tapa of homemade croquettes.
El Sevillano: Decorated in the purest style of a Sevillian tavern. It offers a good wine list, and you can order many of the typical dishes such as the brine of fish or pickled anchovies. It’s at 14 Gloria Street.
El Pulguilla: At 26 Almirante Ferrándiz you have this genuine tapas bar that has a very cozy terrace. You can order any typical dish such as fried fish.
El Chispa: It also stands out for its good fish. It’s on San Pedro Street. Its tapas menu is extensive and its specialties include anchovies, baby peppers or salmonetillos.
La Piqueta: Take an exquisite dish of ham with a good wine in this bar located at 8 Pintada Street. They have very good tapas.
Pacomari: It has a tapas area at the top to delight you with its varied menu. Also on Gloria Street, it is a place where you can try the typical dishes of the area.
La Marina: Ask for a tapa of shrimp or some delicious calamari in this seafood restaurant located at 28 Calle Castilla Pérez.
Taberna de Pepe: If you want to try a good ham, do not miss this Bar in Calle Calle Herrera Oria, 30 with its atmosphere and Andalusian flavor.
Wherever you decide to sit, you will be able to taste the best products of local gastronomy in the area. Eating good tapas in Nerja is guaranteed.

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