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How much does a CRP test cost in Spain?

The price of a CRP test (high sensitivity and high specificity tests to diagnose covid infection) in Spain is one of the questions and issues that has caused most debate lately due to the pandemic in which we are still immersed.

PCR in Spain: recommendations

It is necessary to have a CRP test done, with a verifiable negative result a minimum of hours beforehand, to gain access to certain restaurants, hotels, venues, and businesses.

Likewise, you will be needed a negative CRP test to travel. Hence the price of a CRP test in Spain is a topic of great interest.

This coming year 2022 and 2021, many foreign countries will require CRP tests with negative results to ensure that no covid-infected persons will enter the country of destination.

Each country will have different rules, but the most common is that the anti-virus test must be conducted 48-72 hours before travelling.

The Spanish public health system should only cover the CRP test if you have severe symptoms or meet a person who has a positive result and has Covid-19. If you need to get a CRP test to travel, the Spanish public health system will not cover or pay for it.

Depending on which laboratory you go to, the prices of the PCR test in Spain will vary. Other aspects that also influence the cost of the test are how long it takes to deliver the results, in which autonomous community do you get your trial, in what region do you get your test, and above all, the speed at which they deliver the results.

Price of a CRP test in Spain

The price can range from around €80 to about €300 if you want to get the results quickly within an hour.

To have more control in the laboratories and because of saturation at certain times, how many of them organise themselves to give the appointment and the results is as follows:

  • You must ask for an appointment to take the sample, although it is sometimes difficult to get in touch with them.
  • Committing to a specific timeframe for the delivery of test results is complicated.

Therefore, you must have most of the possible contingencies that you may meet, primarily if they are related to the pandemic, taken into consideration during our trip.

Delivery of the results of a CRP test in Spain guarantees you:

  • Have a CRP test certificate in English or Spanish
  • It is a valid proof of eligibility to travel to any international destination.

To travel to the Canary Islands, you must give a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travel. As an alternative, the Canary Islands government allows ten days of isolation.

There is a wide range of CRP test prices in the European Union, with prices varying and, in some countries, prohibitively high.

The difference may be negligible in some European countries, but in others, it can be as much as €200.

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