FITUR 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Tourism and Holiday Rentals in Nerja

We recently returned from FITUR 2024, an experience that has left us with a mixture of admiration and deep reflection. As holiday rental professionals, this fair is not only an opportunity to connect with professionals and explore new trends, but also a moment to evaluate our Nerja Paradise in the vast universe of tourism.

The Tourism Renaissance and the Challenge of Vacation Rentals

FITUR 2024 has witnessed the renaissance of tourism. The energy and innovation present was palpable, offering an exciting glimpse of what lies ahead. However, a key observation was the modest representation of vacation rentals, especially in comparison to the prominent hotel industry. While we do not see them as direct competitors, it is clear that our sector deserves more recognition, particularly at such important events.

A very positive note this year was the reunion with acquaintances from the sector and attending presentations and impressive data, such as those shared at the Vitur Summit. Given the limited attention at trade fairs such as FITUR, it is remarkable how leading figures in the sector are taking the initiative to organise events dedicated exclusively to our field. Congresses such as the Master VR LLC in Valencia and the Vitur Summit in Malaga are clear examples of these initiatives, which I await with great enthusiasm. They are essential to give our sector the platform and recognition it deserves.

An outstanding fact that reflects the growth of our sector is that, in the second quarter of 2023, Andalusia consolidated its position as the number one destination in Europe in terms of holiday rentals, with an impressive 7.2 million overnight stays, surpassing the Ile-de-France region in France by 1.4 million. These numbers are not only impressive, but also underline the importance and potential of our region on the European tourism scene.

New Connections and Technology Trends

One of the big wins this year was establishing contacts with new tour operators, which opens doors to exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth. In addition, the show was a showcase for the latest technology trends in tourism, offering valuable insights to innovate and improve our services. This event also highlighted the importance of digital applications that are shaping the future of the sector, such as augmented reality tools and artificial intelligence platforms, which offer personalised experiences to tourists. Connecting with agencies specialising in niche markets was also highlighted, underlining the need for targeted and specialised marketing strategies to attract specific segments of travellers.

Casasol Digital Guest Guide coming soon..

In line with always being on the pulse of the time, Casasol is excited to announce that we will soon be launching an innovative digital app for our guests. This app will not only serve as a comprehensive digital guide, but will also provide all the necessary information about the accommodation, including arrival and departure details. In addition, the app will contain explanatory videos about the operation of the devices in the accommodation, thus facilitating a more comfortable and enriching experience for our guests. With this initiative, Casasol reaffirms its commitment to being at the forefront in offering advanced and personalised technological solutions in the tourism sector.

The Success of the Andalusia Pavilion and the Presence of Nerja and Torrox at FITUR 2024

The Andalusia pavilion not only experienced a notable increase in visitors, with more than 135,000, 36% more than in 2023, but also received recognition as the best community exhibitor. This award underlines the success and growing attraction of the region as a top tourist destination in Europe, consolidating its position on the international tourism scene.

Within this vibrant setting, the Nerja and Torrox stands captured attention for their uniqueness and cultural offerings. Nerja’s stand, strategically located next to the famous Nerja Caves, not only attracted a sizeable crowd, but also presented several exciting new features. These included a new tourist guide, walking trails and a promotional video highlighting Nerja’s beauty and wealth of tourist attractions. This promotional material is a window into the unique experience that the region has to offer, and is available online for all to appreciate what Nerja has to offer.

New Tourism website Nerja

The first deputy mayor of Nerja, Francisco Arce, presented the campaign “Nerja, Paradise + Sustainable”, emphasising the quality and sustainability of tourism in Nerja. The campaign highlights the natural and cultural wealth of the region, such as the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara, the Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, and the Cave of Nerja. Arce also highlighted the importance of sustainable tourism, ecotourism, and the diverse local gastronomic offer.

As part of the event, Nerja’s recent promotional video was unveiled along with the launch of its revamped tourism website. These initiatives are essential to capture the interest of visitors and encourage a form of tourism that is conscious and respectful of both the natural environment and the cultural richness of the area. We invite you to discover more about Nerja and plan your visit by exploring the website

New Promotion Video of Nerja

As he does every year, renowned chef Sergio Paloma of Restaurante Pata Negra 57, part of the Kanema group, has brought his culinary talents to the Nerja stand, presenting high quality catering and plenty of enthusiasm. Casasol Holiday traditionally holds its Christmas party at Sergio’s restaurant and, during the fair, we had the opportunity to reflect on the year and share experiences and future trends. We highly recommend a visit to both Pata Negra 57 Restaurant and Kanema, both ideal for high quality dining and events.

José Mateos and Sergio Paloma

On the other hand, the Torrox stand, with its design inspired by a typical “chiringuito” and its famous “espeto de Málaga”, provided an authentic experience and immersed visitors in the local culture. In addition, taking advantage of its fame for the migas festival, the stand offered visitors the opportunity to taste this traditional dish, becoming a culinary attraction that complemented the tourist offer.

Tourims Website Torrox y el Mayor of Torrox Oscar Medina España

Casasol Holiday and APTA: Joining Forces to Enrich the Axarquia Tourism Experience

At Casasol Holiday, we are deeply proud to be a partner of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in the Axarquia (APTA), a collaboration that allows us not only to promote our region, but also to enrich the experience of every tourist who visits us. APTA’s active participation in world renowned trade fairs such as FITUR and WTM, and in events in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Dubai and national fairs, has put the Axarquia on the map as a first class tourist destination.

APTA’s work brings tangible benefits to both visitors and to us at Casasol Holiday. For holidaymakers, it means access to a wealth of information and offers through the APTA website (visit here), which guides them in exploring our stunning region, from idyllic beaches to majestic mountain ranges and vibrant cultural heritage. The website offers a window into the world of the Axarquia, providing ideas on accommodation, tourist activities, gastronomy and culture.

Today we had the honour to participate and be introduced as new members at the APTA assembly, where the action plan for 2024 was presented. This plan is a crucial step to maintain and improve the quality of our destination. The commitment to excellence and innovation was evident, and at Casasol Holiday, we are excited to be an active part of these initiatives that will mark a before and after in the tourist experience in Axarquia.

For Casasol Holiday, this partnership with APTA means being part of a collective effort to promote the Axarquia, allowing us to reach a wider and more diversified audience. Through our collaboration, we actively contribute to the tourism and cultural development of the region, offering high quality experiences that reflect the authenticity and charm of the Axarquia. By joining forces, we enhance the visibility of the region and create opportunities for sustainable and responsible growth in the tourism sector.

Looking into the Future: Upcoming Updates on Regulatory Changes

In the context of recent regulatory updates in the holiday rental sector in Andalusia, Casasol Holiday welcomes with interest the new decree approved by the Andalusian Government. This decree, led by President Juanma Moreno, introduces measures that allow local councils to set limitations on the number of holiday homes per building or sector, focusing on better planning and regulation of urban space.

This regulation, which is part of the path towards the new Tourism Law, aims to balance tourism activity with sustainability and quality of life in local communities. Key elements of the decree include the possibility for municipalities to verify the urban legality of tourist accommodation and the incorporation of the figure of the “operating company”, to improve management and guarantee the rights of users.

Casasol Holiday appreciates these efforts to professionalise the sector, as long as a balanced approach that protects the local economy is maintained. We recognise the need to adapt to a constantly changing environment, always seeking responsible and beneficial tourism for all those involved in Andalusia.

Given these regulatory developments, we at Casasol Holiday look to the future with great enthusiasm. Currently, occupancies and bookings are exceeding all previous records, a promising indication that Spain could be positioned this year as the most visited country in the world. Spain has traditionally ranked second or third in this ranking, but current data suggest significant tourism growth. This increase in tourism reflects not only the beauty and attractiveness of our country, but also the success of Spain’s promotional strategies and the quality of the Spanish tourism sector.

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