Malaga City

Daytrip In Malaga: What To Do When Visiting This Gorgeous And Relaxing City

There are so many experiences in the south of Spain to be had. That’s what makes it hard. You have those luxury moments you see out of a magazine, or you go the other way and have an adventure getting lost and finally finding what you set out for in the first place. Malaga is a city brimming with things to do and it’s that variety that makes it such a fascinating city.

What to do

Looking for something fun to do on your day off? How about a trip to Malaga! This gorgeous city is perfect for a day of relaxation. Here are some ideas of what to do while you’re visiting:

1. Spend the day at the beach. Malaga has some stunning beaches that are perfect for a lazy day in the sun. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

2. Visit one of the many museums. Malaga is home to a number of excellent museums, including the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

3. Go for a stroll around the historic center. The old town of Malaga is full of charming narrow streets and beautiful architecture.

4. Treat yourself to some delicious Spanish food. Malaga has no shortage of great restaurants serving up traditional dishes like paella and tapas.

5. Take a ride on the famous Málaga turrón train. This unique experience takes you through the city on a vintage train while you enjoy views of the Christmas lights and decorations.


Malaga is a historic city with a rich past dating back over 2,800 years. The Phoenicians founded the city in the 8th century BC, and it later became a major port for the Romans. In the 5th century AD, the city was conquered by the Visigoths, and it eventually fell to the Moors in the 8th century. The Moors ruled Malaga for over 500 years, and during this time the city flourished as a major center of trade and culture.

In 1487, Malaga was conquered by the Spanish under Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II, and it has remained under Spanish rule ever since. The city has been an important cultural and economic center for Spain, and it is renowned for its beautiful architecture, stunning beaches, delicious food, and friendly people. If you’re looking for a relaxing daytrip destination with a lot of history and character, Malaga is definitely the place for you!

Visiting the Alcazaba-Ramparts, a Moorish fort

If you’re looking for a daytrip destination that’s both gorgeous and relaxing, look no further than Malaga, Spain. This city has it all, from stunning architecture to beautiful beaches. And one of the best things to do while you’re here is to visit the Alcazaba-Ramparts, a Moorish fort that dates back to the 11th century.

Not only is the Alcazaba-Ramparts a fascinating piece of history, but it also offers incredible views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Trust us, it’s worth the climb! After spending some time exploring the fort, be sure to walk around the surrounding grounds and take in all the beauty that Malaga has to offer.

Hiking through the Malaga pines

Take a hike through the stunning pines of Malaga on your daytrip! The scenery is breathtaking and you might even see some wild animals along the way. This is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air while taking in the beauty of the city.

Climbing the Malaga Castle wall and keep

As you walk around the city of Malaga, you’ll no doubt see the imposing castle walls that stand high above the city. Dating back to the 11th century, the Castle of Gibralfaro is well worth a visit when in Malaga. Not only is it a great spot for some breathtaking views of the city, but you can also learn all about the castle’s long history. And, if you’re feeling active, there’s even a chance to climb the castle walls.

Working up an appetite by walking down Avenida de la Ocasin, which is a pedestrianized shopping street with rolling patios over the sidewalk and great shops.

Avenida de la Ocasin is the perfect place to build up an appetite for exploring the rest of Malaga. This pedestrianized shopping street is full of great shops and rolling patios over the sidewalk. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or just browsing, Avenida de la Ocasin is a great place to start your day in Malaga.

People watching in Plaza de los Pasos Perdidos, located

in the centre of Malaga, is one of the most popular activities for
locals and visitors alike. Join in the fun by grabbing a coffee or
refreshing drink from one of the many cafes that line the plaza and finding a spot to relax and take in the scene.

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