Celebrate Christmas in Nerja: A Festive Guide to 2023-2024 Celebrations

Elena Gálvez, the Councilor for Popular Traditions, has unveiled an early glimpse into the 2023/2024 Christmas event schedule, which boasts over 60 activities.

Nerja welcomes you to experience the joy and tradition of Christmas in our beautiful town. With a heartwarming array of events planned for the 2023-2024 holiday season, there is something magical for everyone to discover. From the ceremonial lighting of Christmas lights to cultural workshops, and from lively parades to sacred masses, Nerja’s Christmas program is a tapestry of festivities that brings together the community and visitors in the spirit of the season.

Kicking Off the Festivities Our Christmas journey begins on December 1st with the inauguration of the Municipal Nativity Scene—a cherished tradition crafted by the Parish Group ‘Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo y María Santísima de los Desamparados’. Join us at 18:00 in the evening for the blessing ceremony led by Reverend D. Antonio Jesús Carrasco.

Workshops and Community Gatherings Get creative at our craft workshops starting on December 2nd, where you can create your own ‘Lucky Fairies’, or witness the blessing of the new image of Saint Michael the Archangel on December 3rd. The beloved ‘Day of the Migas’ on December 8th invites you to savor a traditional local dish in the heart of Maro.

Illuminating the Holiday Spirit The Christmas lights switch-on event on December 9th at the Balcón de Europa will fill the evening with a warm glow, set to the harmonious backdrop of the Frigiliana Pastoral Group.

Religious Observances and Parades Embrace the festive season with the ‘Rosario de Campanilleros’ procession on December 10th, and partake in the sacred masses scheduled throughout the month, including the iconic ‘Misa del Gallo’ on Christmas Eve.

New Year’s Eve Celebration Bid farewell to the year with a grand celebration at the Balcón de Europa on December 31st, welcoming the New Year with bells ringing, performances, and joy that lasts into the early morning hours.

For Our Children January 7th is a special day for the little ones, with reduced prices at the Christmas Park, ensuring a day of delight and laughter for our youngest visitors.

Cultural Enrichment The Villa de Nerja Cultural Center hosts an array of cultural events ranging from flamenco poetry to Christmas galas, and from enlightening conferences to festive concerts throughout December.

Sacred Times Our churches, El Salvador and San Miguel, will hold masses for Nochebuena, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany, offering moments of reflection and community.

Sports and Entertainment Athletic spirits will enjoy the school and integration races, Rubik’s cube championship, and volleyball tournament ‘Jéssica González’, bringing excitement and energy to the holiday season.

Download the full Christmas program in English here:

Immerse yourself in the festivities that Nerja has thoughtfully curated. Let us come together to celebrate this wondrous time of the year in the most memorable ways. Welcome to Christmas in Nerja—where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

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