Top To-Do Activities in Nerja


Vacations at Nerja are not just about walks along the beach and beautiful sunsets. Variety is the key to a beautiful trip for all. If you are looking for things to do beyond the obvious attractions of this town, here are a few activities and places to fulfil your quest for food, adventure and a heck load of fun.

  • Eating at Tapas Plaza

tapas plaza

Looking for an authentic food joint near Burriana Beach? Tapas Plaza is the place to look out for. Run by the terrific husband-wife duo, Johan and Jeanette, Tapas Plaza serves an array of lip-smacking cuisines to guests around the year. The couple is no stranger to the culinary scene at Nerja and has been dishing out traditional food items to both locals as well as tourists. Previously the proud owners of a joint named Sabor de Amor, they have successfully managed to create a perfect fusion of Western, Indonesian and Thai cuisine at the plaza. As a food lover, you cannot come across a more varied menu, ranging from mozzarella salads, simple tomatoes all the way to finger-licking Thai green curries. What makes every dish remarkable is the absolute love with which the couple prepares them. The most popular dishes that you can try out include hot and sour soup, chicken satay, Thai pork stew and nasi goreng. The restaurant is open from 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm in the first half and 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm in the second half. To sum it up, you get to taste a small part of the flavours of Asia in Costa del Sol.

  • Sea Kayaking from Burriana Beach to Maro

Sea Kayaking

As you land on the Southern part of Spain, you are welcomed by crystal clear waters and a virgin landscape with beautiful waterfalls in every corner. However, what is likely to impress you the most is the awe-striking underwater scenery which offers the best snorkelling and diving in the region. The entire route has the ultimate aura of a pristine territory. A major part of the journey takes place in and around the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park. What increased the popularity of the area was a recently aired Canal Sur television program aired in July 2013. In fact, this immediately transformed the place into a summer excursion destination as well. If you visit the place during the early days of October, you will be lucky enough to come across kayaks in the water. A calm sea and bright sunny weather create perfect conditions for sea kayaking in the region. Explore the exquisite rock features and mystic caves, passing through waterfalls as you row on crystal clear waters. The clarity of the water lets you have a clear view of the fishes swimming beneath.

  • Hiking Up the El Cielo

El Cielo

If you harbour an intense passion for hiking, the surroundings of Nerja pose to be perfect areas to make the most of your love for adventure. The rugged beauty of the area and unique diversity of the region make it an incredible place for hikers. When in Nerja, you will regret missing out on the natural beauty of the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo. The coastal strip boasts some of the finest beaches in Andalucia. The appeal and beauty of the area are advanced by a beautiful hike connecting the beaches. The hike spans across the entire region from Playa El Canuelo all the way to Playa de Cantarrijan. The Sierras de Tejeda peaks are not just significant as hiking destinations. They act as a natural border separating Granada and Malaga. Irrespective of the hour of day or season, one precautionary measure that must be taken by hikers is the need to carry water. The area covered by the hike does not comprise natural springs that will help you rehydrate. Thus, make sure you have plenty of water to suffice through the journey.

  • Pubs & Bars in Nerja

Pubs and bars

A municipality situated on the eastern side of Costa del Sol, Nerja boasts a life which is beyond breath-taking beaches and white sands. The nightlife in Nerja transforms into a varied and vibrant gathering of revelry and merriment, especially during the summers. A major part of the municipality’s nightlife revolves around Calle Antonio Millón and Tutti Frutti Square. The place offers a variety of clubs and bars to hang out with friends and family. If you are a food and clubbing enthusiast, you may want to check out the following joints:

  • Teteria Zaidín
  • Buddha Bar
  • Cochran’s
  • El Molino
  • Sala Rockefeller
  • Seven
  • H2O
  • El Burro Blanco

Whether you are looking for an early lunch or a place to put on your dancing shoes and tap your feet all night long, all the above joints let you make the most of your stay in Nerja.

  • Trip to Frigiliana Village


Located in Southern Spain and situated 6 km from Nerja, the mesmerising village of Frigiliana is the ultimate location for a beautiful day trip in Nerja. Cited as the most beautiful village in Andalucia, Frigiliana has consistently won awards to its credit. Well-maintained whitewashed houses decorated with bougainvillea, jasmine and lavender along a maze of pebbled streets make the place a perfect postcard Andalusian village. Frigiliana got shortlisted for the significant Prince of Asturias prize and was named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain by the Spanish Tourism Authority. The well-maintained houses of the village are evidence of the pride locals take in their surroundings and heritage. In case you harbour a secret love and passion for shopping, Thursday, the ‘Market Day’ of Frigiliana is your day to visit the place.

Already in love with Nerja? Wait till you set foot on this amazing land and start exploring! Make your travel more amazing than ever by trying out the above-mentioned activities.

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