Top Outdoor Activities in Nerja

best things to do in Nerja

Outdoor activities give you the opportunity to experience the ultimate thrill when on a vacation at your favourite destination. Spain has been a much-loved getaway for travel enthusiasts over the years. However, the Spanish town of Nerja has seemingly surpassed most other locations as a holiday destination. Providing tourists and locals with the perfect balance of beauty and adventure, Nerja and its surrounding areas witness an incredible footfall all around the year. Wondering about the most exciting outdoor activities you can opt for in Nerja? Here is a list that might be of help.

  • A Hike Up Rio Chillar

Rio Chillar

A hike up the Rio Chillar is mandatory in the list of numerous families and visitors in Costa del Sol. Over the years, the walk has become quite popular. The weekends witness a lot of tourists taking the hike. If you are looking for a change from regular walks by the beach, this hike can be a great option for you. Surrounded by nature on all sides, the hike lets you explore the magnificent beauty of the rivers in Andalucía and much more. The diversity and versatility of the place make it perfect for hiking both with friends and family.

  • A Visit to Eagle Aqueduct


Acueducto del Águila, also known as the Eagle Aqueduct, is situated on the outskirts of Nerja. The structure was built in the early nineteenth century and continues to be an attraction. The place has a fascinating history of its own and must essentially be included in the list of outdoor activities in Nerja. The structure was documented by the Andulacian government due to its historical significance and was officially listed as a Site of Special Culture Interest. If you are one who is passionate about history and all places of historical significance, a trip to the Aqueduct will prove to be an interesting outing for sure!

  • Taking Jeep Tours


Nerja gives tourists and locals ample opportunity to spend time amidst nature through outdoor activities. One such popular way comprises jeep tours in and around the area. You can witness the raw appeal of nature around you in an exciting Open Top or land rovers as per your preference and choice.  What could be better? You will be absolutely left mesmerized by the unspoilt and beautiful Andulacian mountains.

  • Visit to Hamlet of Acebuchal

The Lost Village of El Acebuchal, Malaga, Spain

The village of Acebuchal is the most exceptional and beautiful hamlet that is at the centre of the Sierra of Tejeda, the Alhama Natural Park and Almijara. If you have recently planned your vacation in Nerja, a visit to this hamlet is a highly recommended outing. Acebuchal is situated at a mere distance of 12 km from Frigiliana, yet another exotic place within the topographical boundaries of Nerja. Situated right on the border of Competa and Frigiliana, the hamlet is a quiet place away from the daily hustle and cacophony of the Costa city life. Apart from the serenity and scenic beauty, Acebuchal houses some of the best authentic restaurants in town. So, if you are looking for an outdoor activity to rejuvenate yourself senses and have a great time, Acebuchal is a must in your list.

  • Outing at Maro Beach


Located in the heart of Nerja, Playa de Maro or the Maro Beach requires a special mention on the list of outdoor places to visit in the town. Crystal clear waters, spectacular sceneries and easy access clearly make the beach a favourite for tourists. If you are in search of a tranquil place on your vacation to Nerja, Mayo might just prove to be the right pick for you. The coastal strip has been amazingly preserved through time and has a protected arena that extends out into the sea. The beach is equally famous for its preservation of marine life. As fishing is strictly prohibited in the area, there is an abundance of aquatic life in the region. As per the polls reported by Antena 3, a Spanish television channel, Maro beach was voted the best of all beaches in Andalucia and the second best in the whole of Spain.

  • Karting in Nerja


Holidays are more than just enjoying the scenic beauties of locations around. If you are someone who loves to enjoy the adrenaline rush in your veins, you might absolutely fall in love with the thrills of karting at Karting del Sol. The area has two separate tracks for adults along with an array of carts to choose from. If you are the wondering about the affordability of the activities, prices start at just a little over 30 euros per person. However, you can also choose from a variety of seasonal offers put out for visitors all through the year. What better? The tracks at Karting del Sol pass through the Torre del Mar and lets you enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the Osborne Bull on the way!

  • Hosting Stag and Hen Parties


Is your best friend’s wedding just around the corner? If you are looking to surprise them with the best bachelor or bachelorette fiesta just before the big day arrives, Nerja is the perfect place. Apart from offering you mesmerizing views of white sands and serene beaches, the town is one of the best Spanish destinations for stag and hen parties. A backdrop of the bustling ports and the sea ahead gives you the perfect setup to decorate the yacht, turn up the volume and set the party in motion. And let us not forget the gallons of drinks served on board, the happening DJ mashups and fun-filled champagne spray contests.

Holidaying in Nerja gives you the chance to add the right amount of adventure to your otherwise tranquil days of enjoyment. Now that you have a mixed bag of outdoor activities to opt for, block the dates on your calendar and set out for your much-awaited vacation!

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