Top 6 Excursion Destinations to Explore in Nerja


Nerja, in all its glory is a spectacular seaside resort located in Andalucía, Spain. Tucked far away in the rocky foothills of Sierra Almijara, the place remains untouched by hustle of urban life and ugly commercial hotels. A peaceful ambience and vast expanses of panoramic beauty makes the places an evident pick for travel enthusiasts. A quite town with a silent history of its own, the white streets, venues for endless fiestas, exquisite 17th century architecture and much more, Nerja is every bit worth the visit.

Now that we have spoken enough of the striking scenic attractions that await you, choosing the best locations from a wide range of options is what follows. Well, to help you enjoy a hassle-free excursion, below enlisted is some of the finest excursion destinations in Nerja that you can make your pick from.

  1. The Rio Chillar

Rio Chillar

The Nerja river walk, also known as the “Cahorros”, is an excursion up the Rio Chillar. Tourists are welcomed by an exotic surrounding of flora and fauna all along the route. The most preferable time for a walk along the river is the months of June, July and August. If you are looking for a natural way to beat the summer heat, this excursion might just be what you need when in Spain. The river walk has eventually transformed into one of the most popular walks for locals and visitors alike in Nerja. The weekends especially witness a mad rush, with a major section of the population in Nerja heading out to take a stroll by the cool shade of the river. A lucky soul or two might even catch a glimpse of a mountain goat along the way.

  1. Papagayo Beach

Papagayo Beach

A small yet scenic coastline, the Papagayo Beach is a magical blend of turquoise waters and beautiful white sand. Nestled between rocky cliffs, the beach is an absolute favourite for snorkelling enthusiasts looking for the perfect excursion destination in the Spanish terrain. The calm blue sea makes it safe for both children and adults to take a dive into its shallow waters. If you are planning on creating a list of places to visit in Nerja, this is one you would not want to miss out on.

  1. Cueva de Nerja (Caves of Nerja)

Cueva de Nerja

Located at an elevation of 158 meters above the sea level, the Nerja Cave has consolidated its position in the list of the most geographically developed caves in and around Andalusia. Initially used for cultural expression, as a burial site and habitation, the caves have now transformed into a popular excursion destination in Nerja. Almost 30,000 years later, the miscellanies of the cave attest the passage of gatherers, fishermen and hunters adding to the historical allure of the place. The famous tourist galleries, that approximately represent one-third of the entire space, covers a surface area of 9,371 m2.

The tour begins with an audio-visual showcasing magnificent details of the caves to tourists, followed by a 45 minute auto guided walk-through (in German, English, Spanish, Russian, Italian and French) across the chamber of the cave. To add on to the fun, a certain group of fortunate individuals get to delve in the mystic charm and magnificence of the underworld after the cave doors close.

  1. El Salón Beach

El Salón Beach

The El Salon Beach is a breath-taking beach situated beneath the Balcón de Europa, surrounded by the serene blue sea on its right. A frequently visited spot by the Spanish families, the sandy beach of El Salon stretches to a length of about 200 meters, comprising of an added 20 meters of dark coarse sand. You can primarily access the beach on foot. It is connected by a small street running parallel to the renowned Toboso Building, which eventually zig zags its way meets the beach. As a tourist, you would prefer reaching the destination on foot, since the closest parking you can avail is near the town hall.

  1. Fuente del Esparto


Fuente del Esparto, or the Esparto Fountain is a route parallel to the Coladilla Ravine, situated within the confines of the Town of Nerja. The walk is situated at an elevation of 400 meters, though a long trail through the dense pine wood makes the wander quite an adventurous one. An otherwise enjoyable route, the Apretaderos Hill and the Coladilla Ravine are the only steep slopes that cross your path.

Fuente del Esparto Way is the central point of focal point of the entire route and runs south-north to the ravine. A widely opted excursion destination in Nerja, the route is a part of the nature parks of Almijara, Alhama Mountains and Tejeda. The route serves as a perfect recreation spot for travel enthusiasts. Apart from the mesmerising view around, the Esparto Fountain covers a massive recreational area that goes all the way round the Coladilla Ravine.

  1. Acueducto del Águila (Eagle Aqueduct)


An unconventional example of the Spanish architecture, Acueducto del Águila or the Eagle Aqueduct is a beautiful choice of location when it comes to excursion in Nerja. The structure is located fairly outside the walls of Nerja, in the serene countryside. Built in the 19th century, it is also commonly called the Eagle Bridge.

Tourists usually get to peek from the southern corner of the aqueduct. Nevertheless, this only provides the rear view as the aqueduct faces north. The prime attraction of the monument is its ornamental design that reflects the Mudejar Style popular during that era. For people in love with long walks, the place is situated at a walking distance from all nearby villages. However, you can also extract necessary information regarding other exciting routes from the local tourist office. The structure successfully attracts mass population since its official declaration as Site of Special Cultural interest.

Now that you have a fair idea of the finest excursion destinations in Nerja, why wait? Pack your travel gear and set out for an adventure of sorts. Let this vacation be a fun filled affair, etched in the memory of your loved ones!

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