Nerja: The Perfect Romantic Getaway


Often, some of the most hyped romantic destinations do not turn out to be quite as portrayed. Too much of a crowd and long queues can take away the much-wanted privacy.

So, wondering where to go for the best romantic holiday?

Walk hand-in-hand on the sands of Nerja and enjoy those precious moments.

A great blend of beautiful beaches, caves, romantic stays and good food and wine makes a romantic getaway perfect. So, put some sizzle in your relationship by visiting Nerja, a spectacular location in the foothills of Sierra de Almijarra. The place offers couples ample serene coasts to against which the swirling waves provide an amazing view. It is ideal for spending some lovey-dovey moments together.

Once a small, lesser-known fishing village, Nerja today is known for its picturesque caves and beaches, white township, beautiful streets, happening nightlife, amazing food and all the modern amenities a tourist could hope for. The Chillar river, Sierras de Tejeda mountains and the Mediterranean Sea make this small town a geographically perfect location to create beautiful memories.

Now, let’s find out the places and activities that make Nerja an ideal place to spend your honeymoon or a romantic vacation.

Cueva de Nerja- The Nerja Cave

Cueva de Nerja 2

One of the most popular outings in Nerja, this cave is located 158 m above the sea level. Located 4 km from the main city, this place was discovered by local men in 1959. According to the geologists, this cave was formed 5 million years ago and is believed to have been the habitat for hunters during the Stone Age. Take your love to this wonderland to experience the beauty of extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites formation.

In recent times, Moorish coins, Roman pottery and limitless unusual biodiversity discovered from this site have made it an unbelievable global attraction too. If both of you are nature lovers and find natural formations fascinating, you don’t want to miss experiencing this underworld mystic charm.

El Cielo, Nerja

El Cielo, Nerja

Like many other stunning natural beauties, El Cielo is a point of attraction for the global tourists. Take a local guide and hike this coastal mountain with a height of 1,508 m. The breath-taking view will wow your senses and make your romantic holiday one of the most special ones. This mountain top can be accessed easily and lets you see a bird’s eye view of the whole Costa del Sol.

Taking a hike with your partner can be pretty romantic. Offer them your hand while walking through the trails and promise to hold it tight lifelong. Blend your love story with nature’s beauty and the stunning scenery from El Cielo’s top. Talk about your dreams and share your memories as you wander along this beautiful coastal mountain.

Visit Acebuchal


Spend a day in the beautiful hamlet town of Acebuchal with your partner and make your trip to Nerja more enjoyable. Located in the valley of Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, this village is a fantastic place to date and propose to your loved one, not to mention spending quality time with them. Have local Spanish bites along with a glass of wine and feel free to express your feelings. The white buildings and romantic ambiance of the beautiful valley will make it extra special for both of you!

 Walk through Rio Chillar

Rio Chillar 2

Give your romantic holiday a thrill by taking a walk through Nerja’s Chillar river. If you are visiting this Mediterranean town in summer, make sure to take part in this adventurous river trek. The most preferred time for this activity is the months of June, July and August.

Though this walk has transformed into an excursion tour for locals and tourists alike, the exotic flora and fauna along the way make this trek romantic and beautiful. Take selfies with the amazing background scenery and cherish this romantic walk of a lifetime. Try to take this tour during weekdays to avoid the rush of the crowd. It will give you time to cherish with your loved one.

Enjoy the Beaches of Nerja


Lining this beautiful township, are several small and serene beaches that can make your romantic trip lovelier. From long beaches like Burriana and El Playazo to beautiful, hidden beaches such as Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo, this Spanish town has it all. You can relax next to the turquoise waters, brushing your feet against the smooth white sand while holding each other’s hands. These beaches are truly meant for creating beautiful memories that you can truly treasure.

The shallow water of the Mediterranean Sea is very safe for diving too. You can strengthen your bond while taking this leisurely wading through the water with your partner. All these beaches are connected through parallel streets and are thus, easy to commute to. So, if you want to visit your favourite beach in Nerja in the evening, there is no need to worry about the means of transport!

Make the Most of the Nightlife in Nerja

Nightlife in Nerja

If you are a fun-loving couple, Nerja’s nightlife will truly excite you. The happening clubs, along with fabulous food and drink joints, make the city’s nightlife vibrant. Clubs and restaurants like Cochran’s, El Molino, Buddha Bar and Sala Rockefeller host themed parties and offer a variety of music to which you can swing and groove. So, if you are in Nerja to have a good time with your partner, don’t forget to hit the dance floor and have fun to the hilt.

Paella in Nerja


Paella is a very famous Spanish cuisine available at many places in Nerja. When you are visiting Nerja, make sure to treat your dear one with this authentic Spanish cuisine. There are many restaurants near Burriana beach that serve this local delicacy. But if you want to taste the fresh Paella, cooked over a wood fire, please pay a visit to Ayo. A romantic getaway with great food always makes a winning combination!

Romantic getaways are always special. Celebrate your togetherness in seclusion amidst beautiful beaches, river, mountains and caves. Nerja is one of the most offbeat romantic destinations across the globe. Book your much-awaited romantic vacation here and celebrate love to the fullest!

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