Nerja: An Ideal Destination for Family Trips

Family Trip

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”

Accept the fact that we all get burnt out managing our personal and professional lives and thus yearn to take a break from this monotonous life. Escaping and getting away from the daily grind and strict schedule is important for all of us. Take your family to a fun filled vacation and come back refreshed and energetic. Such trips not only strengthen the bond between the family members but also create memories that last a lifetime.

Nerja, on the eastern part of Málaga is considered to have pleasant Mediterranean climate all year long. It is one of the ideal destinations to take your family along and make happy memories. The place also offers opportunities to teach your children about different cultures, cuisines, nature, wildlife and so on. This wonderful place has many activities for you and your children while experiencing its quality amenities.

So, let’s figure out the places and activities you can enjoy while you are in this amazing Spanish Town.

Costa del Sol and Beach Activities

Costa Del Sol

Nerja is quite well known for its beautiful beaches and coves. Apart from urban beaches like Burriana and Torrecilla, this little coastal town also has hard-to-access coves that make tourists experience the ultimate dose of adventure. If you are a fun-loving family and have interest in adventure, swim to these remote coves.

Take up a boating tour to the Bay of Málaga and enjoy the sea breeze on your face. Take your children along, they too will enjoy this activity and cherish it lifelong. There are several agencies in Nerja that offers such sailing services. Hire one and sail to beautiful sea routes offering view of distinctive landscapes.

Snorkelling is another water sport you should try if you are in Nerja. If your children love water, take them along. To snorkel, you really don’t have to be a swimmer. The Mediterranean climate keeps the water temperature moderate and allows you to enjoy the underwater beauty to the fullest. From beautiful jellyfishes to bright orange corals, this water sport will certainly make your trip extraordinary and vivid.

After confronting these venturesome activities, walk through the long beaches, spread out chairs and umbrellas and relax your mood with the waves splashing on the beach. Participate in different beach sports like volleyball and rugby to make your coastal trip more entertaining. Let your child run freely and build castles with the sand. Let them dig a hole into the sand and stand in it. They will treasure the experience of waves and sands on their toes for a lifetime.

Carriage & Train Tours


Make your trip more royal and beautiful by taking a horse carriage ride. Although Nerja is a small place to walk around, the carriage or train tours will make it more luxurious. Get a horse carriage ride from La Torrecilla beach and explore the whole city in just an hour. Carriage rides are something that kids absolutely love and are excited about! These carriage rides cost €30 – €35 and tours around the whole town.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, go for the road train to explore this beautiful town. It connects the whole city and costs only €4. Though, it is not the most elegant form of transport in Nerja, it will definitely make your trip easy and comfortable.

Balcón de Europa


Situated on a rocky peninsula, Balcón de Europa or Balcony of Europe is one of the focal points of Nerja. Formerly a fortress, this structure was built to protect the town from enemies and pirates. The spot earns large footfall all through the year as it allows you to peer at picturesque Mediterranean beaches, village of Maro, impressive caves and neighbouring coves very closely.

Balcón de Europa is a meeting point and accessible to pedestrians. Apart from affording the best views of Nerja, the place is also lined with restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlours. Visit the place with your family during the summer to witness live concerts and fiestas on its rocky promontory. Wander here on a summer evening and soak up its mesmerizing ambiance.

This old fortress was made by King Alfonso XII and hence you can find his statue here at the far end. Make your children aware about the history of this place while roaming around and don’t forget to make memories by capturing few snaps with “The King”.

Dine Out & Enjoy Its Nightlife

Dine Out

If you are in Nerja, don’t forget to tuck into some wonderful seafood. Dining out with children is a real fun here in this Mediterranean town. There are restaurants that provide a separate menu for children. Thus, eating out in Nerja is easy even for the fussy eaters.

This coastal town is very popular amongst the tourists because of its array of flavours. Make your visit to Nerja a perfect one with its locally produced sea and Mediterranean cuisines. After exploring this Spanish town and participating in different activities, surprise your family in the best possible way. Ensure to treat them with world renowned Spanish Tapas and fresh Paella. Freshly cooked food under a tiki house and the wonderful environment will certainly ginger up your family trip.

If you are on a couple trip or on a trip with your cousins, make sure to experience its amazing nightlife. Nerja has some of the coolest pubs and discs complementing its surroundings. Arrange a theme party if you are travelling in a group. The well-equipped clubs in Nerja offer exceptional services and attractive deals to pull the crowd. Hearty food and good music will make your trip the perfect one.

Have you been to this amazing place in Spain? If not, visit it soon and explore a different Europe!

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