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Nerja Holiday Rental

The management standards of your property or rental tends to have its own significance. Irrespective of the time of year you decide on planning a vacation, you do crave for spaces to relax and have a gala time within your family and friends with ease. Mornings call for a peaceful walk in the well-maintained gardens of the apartment, while you can do with a few hours of relaxation in the pool on a warm summer afternoon. Nerja Holiday Rentals has it all set for you. The apartments come with luxurious outdoor spaces which include backyard fenced gardens decked with the best of flora, communal swimming pools made open to both children and adults and a lot more. However, it is the top-notch level of management that sets our services apart from the rest. Our management plans cover the best of essential services that owners can avail as well as offer out to their customers even in their absence.

Top 3 management plans you can avail at CASASOL Holiday 

Nerja Holiday Rental Management

  1. Online Booking Central Management Plan

Online Booking Central Management Plan is best suited for owners who are looking forward to maximizing the occupancy of their rentals. To be more precise, it is extremely beneficial for proprietors who do not have the required time to respond to customer requests and are looking forward to promoting their properties free of cost in over 400 pages of the desired sector. We take utmost care in managing the reservations, prices, online payments and availability of hotels for our guests. The online booking central plan also ensures that every call and email sent by the guests are taken care of. In short, it acts as your very own Marketing and Reservation department, with all the above options made available nation-wide.

  1. Complete Management Plan

This plan is best suited for renters who have all their necessities like cleaning, keys and laundry all sorted from the beginning, but require occasional management services from an external source. The Complete Management Plan from CASASOL Holiday provides the best of laundry and cleaning services affordable rates in Nerja and its surrounding areas during cases of emergencies in a rental. The services are strictly available for property owners located in Nerja and localities nearby.

  1. Premium Management Plan

The Premium Management Plan has specifically been designed for owners who want to brush off all worries related to the reservation of their properties. You can simply approach us at CASASOL and we will take care of your reservation procedures and formalities with ease. In most cases, clients who avail the Premium Plan reside far away from the country and do not have time to interact with customers and manage their properties. The plan is available only for areas in and around Nerja.

Management Services Provided in Relation to Tourism Requirements

At CASASOL Holidays, we make sure to follow all the relevant requirements put down by tourism laws in and around the area. Here is a list of services that you, as an owner can avail on booking our services.

  • Air Installers

Apartments, villas or studios managed by CASASOL Holiday have commercial agreements that ensure approved installers for air conditioning for owners who do not have the facility yet. We recommend owners to install a ‘Timer Pushbutton” to have better control over the electricity consumption of air conditioning units. This guarantees the fact that customers do not leave the air conditioners uncontrolled.

  • First Aid Kit

The safety of your guests is our prime concern. We offer you with free first aid kit if you book us to take care of rental management.

  • Area Guide

An elaborate, informative and approved guide is provided to all the clients by CASASOL Holiday. It is delivered to the customers at the time of their check-in. The guide has information to all renowned food stores, shops, cafes, restaurants and leisure areas in Nerja that you can pay a visit to. Apart from this, it also contains information on medical facilities in the area, urban transport, entertainment guide and a complete town map for your convenience.

  • Complaints and Claim Sheets

All homes and properties put out for rent have claims and complains sheets that are made accessible to the users. All visible places with the properties have a poster announcing and guiding the users to them with ease.

  • Professional Cleaning Staff

An expert team of professional cleaning staff ensure that the entire property has a superior level of cleaning both on the entry and exit of a customer. Thus, you can be assured of stepping into properties that look as good as new. The services include cleaning of lingerie, bed linen and other general household goods, depending on the total occupation of the house. We also ensure that a spare set of each is made available if needed.

  • 24-hour emergency number

CASASOL Holiday specializes in round the clock customer services for all its clients. Users are provided with a local telephone number that they can dial at any time of the day to resolves all kinds of queries or incidents related to the house.

  • Individual Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual prepared by CASASOL Holiday comes in 5 different languages and ensures the correct usage of all the appliances. The manual is kept at the disposal of the users and contains detailed information on electrical appliances and all other devices.

  • Client Information Manual

A separate information document is created for the clients to inform them of all the necessary internal rules. The internal rules pertain to equipment and units of the property, proper use of all facilities, existence and admission of pets within the premises, use of restricted areas and restrictions imposed on smokers.

Managing rental properties by your own can be a challenging task that requires a lot of patience and adherence to the expectations of the consumers. Knowing the pitfalls and hiring the right management expert is the right way to go about it without much of a hassle. Book us now to avail all the above benefits at the most economical prices in hand!

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